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Currently have 5 lights hooked up and meant to 12v not 9v. Love your stuff especially the customer service. Thanx again!
Jeff P.

I want you to know that at first I was suspect about you warranty as I am with all companies. You service is superb & prompt  taking no time to do. In my world that's the most important thing as I'm director of operations here.

Bruce Ma.

You guys are fantastic! I love your products and your support.

Many thanks,

Carl Pacifico

Great customer service and support for your product, I will let others know about your company.

Thank You, Have a Great Day!

Scott C.

AMCA River Valley Chapter

I appreciate you taking care of this. Truly what customer service is all about. I will be sure to recommend your company to others.

Tim F.

The tech support for this product is just fabulous. It certainly was a weird fluke, but with a quality company like your's it worked out. Also, thank you so much for sending out a replacement and letting me keep the original as well and checking the replacement as well.
I will be buying again from you - larger unit next time.


Thank you, I sent the defective controller today. Thanks for the awesome customer service!

The lights are going to look great at Daytona Bike Week this year. I'll be sure to talk you guys up! I'm very pleased.

You service is awesome, very, very kind and professional. I dealt with your Mrs. Dina and she is absolutely fantastic (you have a diamond on her). Thank You and best regards to all your team members.
-Dr. Leo R.

The words "Best Customer Service" definitely fit your service! Special thanks to Al on great service.
-Arnold P.

Thank you for all your help and advice, I appreciate it and look forward to getting [the lights] on my bike.

I’ll never thank you enough, incredible customer service! It's good to have people taking so much care of customers.

Thank you, Thanks for the awesome customer service!

I appreciate you sending another pair of lights…. it says a lot about both you and the good customer service you provide at CYRON.
Many thanks,

Johnstown, OH

It is so great to talk to someone who will answer your questions in a calm and professional way - as if I was the only person you had to deal with that day. Thanks!! You can't be beat for your Customer Service!

Georgetown, TX

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for making a GREAT product. I recently purchased the PRO Magnum bundle for my home theater. Your product shipped quickly, was easy to install and integrated perfectly with my Harmony One remote. Some might think that this is an expensive solution to a backlighting problem, but it's not. It works betterthan any of the other systems I've tried and is FAR more flexible. Who needs a Christmas tree when I can turn on the light show!
Best regards,
Boise, ID

….The lights were a huge hit. Everyone loved it. And I did manage to create an effect I wanted to fulfill on what Marvin Hamlisch was looking for. I’ve not heard so many people absolutely love an opening sequence before like that. And the LED lights were a big part of the success. Thank you for all your help. I could create the effect I wanted…and that the audience loved.
So again, thanks.
Production Manager
JFK Center

CYRON…Wow – Thanks!
I plan on getting more lights soon. Thanks for the great service.
San Francisco, CA

Sweet, thanks for the speedy response and the customer service has been excellent CYRON.
Spokane, WA

Thanks Guys! Glad I found this company, your customer service is outstanding! I enjoy spending my money with you. I don't think that there is a better brand (that focuses on customer service) like you do.
Houston, TX