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Photography Tips

Photography Tips

With the start of CYRON's semi-annual photo contest, here are some tips to assist you in shooting some great photos to enter in the contest, courtesy of the CYRON staff.


1) Less is more!
    - Less lighting is better to reduce flares and over exposure in your pictures. When you're taking photos, be mindful of other lights. Reducing ambient light can greatly enhance your pictures.

2) Let your lights take the focus

    - Let your lights be the object of your photo. There's no need for other objects in your shot. Take pictures free of clutter and let your lights tell the story.

3) A steady shot, is a focused shot
    - If your pictures come out blurry, use a tripod. A tripod will ensure your pictures come out completely in focus. If you don't have a tripod, use a table or lean up against a wall, for added stability.