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Cyron HTP1204W3

All NEW Media Highlighter System 12"x2 HTP1202W3, Multicolor LED

Cyron's new W3 systems add a totally new dimension to value and functionality in accent lighting systems. Over a decade of listening to customer inputs resulted in systems that are far beyond generic multicolor systems available in market. 




To participate in the monthly giveaway, you must submit a photo or video of your Cyron lighting project.

All entries from different lighting projects (i.e. kitchen, motorcycle, cabinets, bar, etc.) have equal chances of winning.  This is a random drawing. Email all entries to productgiveaway@cyron.com. You must include your full name, e-mail address, place of purchase, CYRON system model number and a brief description. Each unique CYRON project will qualify for an entry to receive a free all new HTP1202W3 system valued at $39.99.

Only one entry per lighting system.  Multiple entries allowed for multiple projects.  Winners are announced monthly and will be contacted by email plus broadcasted on Cyron social media channels. Submit your photos/videos while the offer lasts.  The giveaway runs every month until further notice.

Photo Tips:
Get the perfect shot of your Cyron light project.

Tip#1 – Make sure ambient light is low enough that the surrounding and the Cyron lights are all visible.

Tip#2 – If you are shooting accent lighting projects most likely the flash should be turned off otherwise the accent lights can be washed out.

Tip#3 – Use a tripod or hold camera very still (any slight movement can cause blurriness).

Tip#4 – Pat yourself on the back. Great job!


Disclaimer: All media submitted for this giveaway may be used for CYRON Inc. marketing uses free of royalties or fees.

Photos of previous entries:

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