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Florida Lottery Embraces Cyron's Ticket Highlighters; Says It's a Sure Bet For Lottery

Florida Embraces Cyron's Ticket Highlighters; Says It's a Sure Bet For Lottery Sales

Lottery tickets are an important source of revenue for gas stations and convenience stores — and Cyron's Ticket Highlighters are proven to increase sales. The DH100 Ticket Highlighter, a lighting system matched with a counter-top scratcher display, is Cyron's latest innovation for lottery retailers. The Ticket Highlighter offers customizable light shows and personalized lit marquees. 

According to Mike Purcell, Director of Sales; "The Florida State Lottery found displays that utilized the highlighter sold 25 percent more scratchers in a test run of 250 devices conducted in 2016." Following the successful trial The Florida State Lottery has embraced the idea and moving forward with much higher quantity for 2017.


Lighting is often an overlooked part of POP displays — if people can't see your product they won't know it's there. Conventional lottery displays that have been around for years are just lost in the background. The Ticket Highlighter is unlike anything offered in the market. This unique lighting system visually draws attention to the Lottery counter top displays.  With over 700 customizable static and dynamic light patterns each unit can be programmed to add just the right amount of visual appeal to every retail environment. It'll be like the first time  customers have seen the tickets.

Cyron DH100 is also suitable for retail establishment, restaurants,  bars, hotels and any area that wants to visually draw the customers with a unique message and at the same time illuminating the merchandise. The possibilities are pretty vast.

Cyron welcomes appointments with state lotteries, convenience store and gas station chains, and retailers. For more information, visit cyron.com. For media review samples, high resolution images and technical specifications, please email or call the media contact above.