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Cyron's OUTLIT-MATE brings Easy-to-Install Light and USB charging to every outlet in US

For immediate release: March 10, 2017

Chatsworth, Calif. —Consumers are demanding more from their devices than they did when electricity first powered homes 100 years ago — and that includes the humble outlet cover plate. Cyron's all-new OUTLIT-MATE integrates a pathway/night light with USB chargers inside an electrical outlet cover.

The OUTLIT-MATE is a simple solution to add permanent USB charging capability to electrical outlets. The only tool that's needed is a screwdriver to remove the old cover and screw in the OUTLIT-MATE. It also features built-in LED lighting which turns on automatically in low ambient light. They require no wiring and far less bulky than plug-in alternatives. To offer a clean look it's made slightly wider than the standard covers, hiding any blemishes or old paint the old cover may have left behind.

"OUTLIT-MATE is intelligently designed to transfer electricity to outlet's cover plate. So that old chunk of plastic we have been looking at for generations is now an active electrical device. This opens up tons of possibilities for future accessories from Cyron," Al Javadi, president and founder of Cyron, said.

"The OUTLIT-MATE offers a real solution for parents wanting to child-proof their homes. No more fear of tiny hands touching electrical prongs of chargers and night lights. Our solution is permanent, safe and stylish. Anyone can install it in about a minute," he added.

Don't need a light? No problem. Cyron also offers the USB200 model, which lacks the LED light. Both the OUTLIT-MATE and USB200 models are available in white and light-almond.

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