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Multicolor ribbon lights indoor/outdoor Professional Grade. Specifically designed for contractors and tradesmen wanting brighter lights, added reliability, and ease of connectivity. Double number of LEDs 2oz high grade copper  ... More Info
Price: $99.95
Ribbon LED lights Indoor multicolor

Cyron HTPR-RL Multicolor RGB LED tape/ribbon lights indoor grade. Hi-lumen- type 5050 LEDs are grade "A" product that offer higher output and better color rendering. If you are tired of  blue light that is produced by inferior RGB products, Cyr  ... More Info
Price: $39.95
Ribbon LED lights Indoor multicolor

Outdoor waterproof grade multicolor ribbon lights. Double insulated with outer clear-PVC tubes and then injected with resin inside the tubes. Makes for a smooth and super clear finish. This is the highest grade outdoor ribbons available in  ... More Info
Price: $59.95