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Custom Lighting


Solution Provider To "Standard" and "Custom" Lighting Projects

In addition to more than 300 standard products produced by Cyron, we also manufacture products for all types of custom projects. In fact more than 25% of Cyron business is custom fabricated for individual projects. Let us guide you through your next lighting project. Experienced design and engineering staff can help through every step of the process. "Lighting does not need to be a rocket science, and it certainly should not cost as much either."

• 14 years in Solid-state Lighting manufacturing 

• Thousands of successful custom lighting projects

• Infrastructure to manufacture in California and Far East

• Cost competitive manufacturing and distributing solutions

CYRON products cover a broad range of industries. Some of the people and places using CYRON lighting products are:

Film industry

 - Movie set accent lighting, prop light effects, set accent lighting

Government and State Contracts

 - Display case lighting, exterior lighting retrofits

Automotive Lighting

 - LED Headlights, accent and interior lights, trailers lights, party buses

Display Cases & Cabinetry

 - Retail store display cases, POP and cabinets, Hospitality

Video Editing - Studios

 - Professional video biasing solutions for screens, colorists

Home Theater, Gaming

 - Video biasing solutions for TV screens, computer monitors, Gamers 

Green Lighting Solutions

 - Exterior lighting products, parking lots, buildings

Outdoor, Landscape

 - Permanent decorative lighting, Holiday decor


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Trust CYRON to be your Solid-State Lighting solution provider.