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SCP Single Color PRO
• Expandable to 32 lightbars
• Daisy chain able for easy expansion
• Nearly 3 times the light output of similar size
• Media Highlighter Pro
• 15" or 24" lightbars
• Mono color output
• Available in daylight white (6500K) and Blue
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Multicolor Media Highlighter™ pro series
Increased light output,
Superior SSL technology,
More possibilities

• Superior True-Colors LED technology
• Super wide angle light dispersion
• Superior RGB color convergence
• Available in longer 24" lightbars
• Full color spectrum
• 65% more power
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D65 Video Biasing, Ultimate
TV Image Enhancer
• Precision in color tones usingD65 video biasing (6500K -3% / +7%)
• Adjustable backlight to reduce eye fatigue
• Enhance television and monitor pictures by
creating a neutral background*
• Recommended concept by Society of Motion
Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE)
• Up to 50,000 hours LED life
• No heat, cool to touch
• Safe 12VDC operation
• Light weight
• SSL technology
• Expandable from 1 to 32 lightbars
(matching power supply needed)
• Light dispersion adjustments without use
of lenses and filters
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ribbon lights rgb / solid colors
Flexibility in Lighting with fully flexible and ultra thin lighting strips

CYRON ribbon lights make installation in large areas much easier and faster. They eliminate the need for mounting multiple lightbars to cover a long linear space.
CYRON ribbons are designed with tri-chip technology where three LED chips embedded in one SMD LED package result in maximum efficiency and use of space.

Ultimate color convergence with multicolor ribbons:
combined red, green and blue cluster in one tri-chip LED eliminates individual color castings, resulting in a perfect color reproduction. Download data sheet for more details.

Serious light output with white ribbons:
Three white LEDs in one! Great fit for lights in crown moldings, Soffits, recessed ceilings and much more. Available in 6400K daylight white and 3200K warm white.
0.085” thin

• Less than 1/2” wide
• Flexible design
• Cut to size
• Cool to touch
• Tri-chip technology
• Crown moldings
• Recessed lighting
• Up to 50,000 hours
• Energy Saving
• 12VDC, compatible with all CYRON controllers*
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